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Consumers are being warned now not to buy second-hand photographs cards from an inflow of cryptocurrency miners looking to sell, with one manufacturer claiming that the choices practice notably damages GPU performance.

Despite an increase in cryptocurrency miners promoting their used pics cards, GPU manufacturer Palit Microsystems has warned towards buying any pics cards which have been used for mining.

Speaking to (thanks, PC Gamer), the organisation explains that playing cards used for cryptocurrency are used at a good deal higher temperatures than everyday, which results in “problems with the choices cooling systems” and “expanded oxidation of soldered joints, which could cause a failure of the choices pics processor or memory chip”.

Palit Microsystems additionally refers to reveals from independent checking out, which advocate “pix cards after 365 days of operation in excavators [cryptocurrency mining rigs] can have about 10% lower overall performance than same new fashions.”

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060. Credit: Nvidia

The article similarly describes buying snap shots cards from cryptocurrency miners as a “lottery” that consumers can lose cash in.

These warnings comply with a rush for cryptocurrency miners trying to sell their regularly sizable collections of pictures playing cards, following crackdowns in China, mainly in regions in which miners had been taking benefit of low power costs.

As properly as an boom in 2nd-hand GPU sales, there are alternatives similarly signs and symptoms this has worked. Earlier in the month, it changed into pronounced that GPU strength for the choices Ethereum community had plummeted 19 per cent in only one month.

Supply problems inside the enterprise has lead to giant GPU shortages throughout the globe, which has been exacerbated by call for from cryptocurrency miners – within the first sector of 2021 on my own, crypto-miners sold round seven hundred,000 pictures cards.

Though it might be tempting to look such a lot of simply-to be had pics playing cards, it’s probable nice to wait for a danger at an official purchase – final month, Nvidia expected that more RTX 3060s will soon reach consumers.

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