Coinbase sent bitcoin pending

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I asked BTC from a person returned in 2013. Its been in pending reputation ever for the reason that. It has almost 500,000 confirmations. The fee of transaction whilst initiated was most effective $two hundred or so. Now the choices cost is over $40k.

Just to make clear how Bitcoin works:

How can I retrieve it?

You do not ever certainly retrieve Bitcoin money, it’s far always stored music of in the list of transactions that almost each Bitcoin consumer has their own replica of (or get entry to to a depended on replica).

This list of transactions is a transaction-magazine this is referred to as the choices blockchain, but it isn’t owned or managed through any of the groups that use the words blockchain or bitcoin of their name. Bitcoin become designed so you do not want to use that form of commercial enterprise, it was designed to dispose of relied on intermediaries like that.

With a normal wallet, the wallet will preserve track of the quantities under your manage, If the choices transaction has 500,000 confirmations but your wallet has the amount marked as “pending” then there is something wrong along with your wallet.

How can I get the choices transaction to ultimately clean?

Bitcoin transactions are never cleared. Clearance isn’t always a component inside the Bitcoin network. Having greater than 6 confirmations is the equivalent of being cleared.

Can the choices [BTC] be stolen or redirected somewhere else to some other pockets?

Only via a person who is aware of the secret variety known as a personal key that your pockets was designed to hold and defend.

Your cash is safe as long as you’re the only man or woman who knows both the secret quantity or the choices “seed word” AKA “healing phrase” AKA “backup word” from which that secret variety can be calculated. You could have one of those two matters written down somewhere as safe as the choices location you keep your ordinary backups of your wallet (i.e. now not to your PC).

Bitcoin cash is in no way sincerely redirected in which you cannot intercept it in transit (it is by no means virtually in transit). The recipient of the money can problem a new transaction to transport the money some place else but that calls for a wallet that knows the cash is now not “pending”.

Its on Coinbase. It says pending in my pockets history within coinbase. I see nearly 500,000 confirmations inside the blockchain explorer.

The you probably have what I might name a bitcoin account and no longer what I consider as the normal sort of wallet. How precisely that account works is not part of the choices Bitcoin network or specification – it’s miles an internal rely for that enterprise. You’ll want to invite Coinbase customer support why your account suggests the amount as “pending” regardless of the choices 500,000 confirmations.

Check that you are getting access to the choices internet site of the real Coinbase business enterprise at and now not the choices internet site of some fake business like coiń (with an accented n).

shall we start at the start.

can you see the choices transaction going into your pockets by way of checking a blockchain exlorer like blockchair?

If you’re one hundred% sure the choices transaction was sent for your cope with, and you’ve the non-public keys in your pockets for that cope with, it should be high-quality.

There are approaches to clear the transaction, but I don’t know what wallet software program you’re the use of. Are you using the choices Bitcoin Core wallet?

If so, you have to to begin with make a backup of the pockets.dat file and, you may begin the software with the choices -zapwallettxes=2 parameter. This will try to clean up stuck transactions.

Hope this helps a bit bit!

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