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Punch TV Studios

Punch TV Studios is a corporation that develops tv and movies for syndication around the sector. Current the choices business enterprise is within the misdt of its IPO selling 50 million shares at $1 consistent with proportion.  The organisation is selling it stock immediately to the public. If you are inquisitive about being a shareholder go to the website and http://punchtvstudios.com  

May Be The Next Walt Disney

If Joseph Collins, CEO of Punch TV Studios were to explain himself in three words, he might say decided, resilient, and driven. It’s those three words that have helped him obtain his dream of owning and working a a success tv community and studios.  

Everyone has their happiest location on the earth, and for Joseph Collins, it’s his tv studios: Punch TV Studios. Punch TV, excellent known for its authentic and creative content that appeals to a diverse target audience, has come to be one of the quickest developing television networks within the nation, at one time, gaining greater than 50 Million viewers inside the course of 18 months beneath Joseph’s guidance and leadership. Joseph Collins has became his grassroots enterprise method and his adolescence dream of being part of tv into a TV community that competitors the most important networks in television.

Mr. Collins wasn’t just surpassed this task or the cash to create it. He earned it, and did so with the aid of working from the ground up his whole existence. It’s like that saying: “Disneyland wasn’t constructed in an afternoon.” It sure wasn’t. Walt Disney needed to build Walt Disney earlier than he ought to build Mickey Mouse or his organisation. Both these men had visions, and that they confronted many struggles to achieve their goals.

It become in faculty wherein those innovators first fell within the love with artwork of overall performance. Collins found his connection with manufacturing at Garey High School in Pomona California whilst dabbling within the international of theatre. Later as a quite recognized and revered thespian, he learned the artwork of expression and the skill of organizing live productions.

“I usually desired to be in tv,” says Joseph Collins. “Theater taught me how to specific myself and I desired to take that expression and translate it into manufacturing over the air.”

When Walt Disney and his own family moved to Kansas City, he advanced a love for acting and performing. He could perform as Charlie Chaplin for his buddies, tell memories, or even executed at comical skits at local theaters.

Both men suffered predominant setbacks as they attempted to build their empires. While running on “Oswald the Lucky Rabbit” Disney found out he did now not have possession of the choices individual. To make topics worse, the choices artists who labored for him weren’t even operating for him, however the distributor rather! Collins faced a similar dilemma.

He discovered that a few employees operated their personal aspect agencies and attempted to cut side offers with manufacturers bringing in productions and using corporation system, time and assets all while looking forward to a  paycheck, simply to achieve their own private objectives. Now Mr. Collins has now introduced Punch TV Studios to the edge of an IPO. issuing 50 millions shares of stock at $1.00 dollar in keeping with proportion. When requested why he set the hole rate of the choices stock to simplest $1 per percentage Mr. Collins responded, “I need our business enterprise to be owned generally with the aid of the network.  If I can display people how take $1 and turn it into wealth, it will deliver monetary empowerment to households throughout America.”